Greg Clark, Global Advisor on the Development and Investment of Cities and Regions

Greg Clark is an advisor, advocate, and mentor for citiesand business. He works withleadership inglobal cities, global firms, global institutions, and at global gatherings. He builds long-term engagement. Hiscurrentroles include:

Global Institutions and Global Cities

• Chairman, OECD LEED Forum on Local Development and Investment Strategies, OECD, Paris.
• Global Fellow, Metropolitan Programme and Global Cities Initiative, The Brookings Institution, Washington DC.
• Senior Fellow, Urban Land Institute, Europe, London, UK.
• Co-chairman International Advisory Committee on the 4th New York Regional Plan.
• Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Oslo Brand Strategy.
• Member of the Scientific Committee for the Strategic Plan of Turin.

Business and Economic Advisory Roles.

• Board Member, London Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and London Economic Strategy Group (EDP).
• Board Member, Economic Advisory Board for Greater Manchester.
• Chairman, JLL Global Research Centre on Cities.
• Advisor on City Development to JPMorgan, GVA, Buro Happold, and other leading firms.

UK Board and Leadership Roles:

• Chairman, London Stansted Cambridge Consortium.
• Member, Lead Expert Board, UK Government, Foresight Programme, Future of Cities Foresight Project.
• Member, UK Ministerial Smart Cities Forum, Board of Directors, Centre for Cities
• Commissioner, Cities Growth Commission, Royal Society of Arts, UK.

Academic Roles.

• Visiting Professor, and Co-Chairman of Advisory Board, City Leadership Initiative, University College London.
• Visiting Professor, Cities, Leadership, and Globalisation, Cass Business School, City University, London.
• Visiting Professor, Institute for Public Policy, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.
• Member, Oxford University, Future of Cities Advisory Board.

Trained as an Economist, Social and Political Scientist, City& Regional Planner at Cambridge University, UK, Columbia University, NYC, and London School of Economics.Harkness Fellow and author of ten books and numerous reports and papers on cities and business development issues. He has won various international prizes for his work.From 2008 to 2014 he was chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Sao Paulo Strategic Plan and International Advisor on the Metropolitan Strategic Plans of Rio da Janeiro, Barcelona, Gauteng/Johannesburg, Western Cape, Toronto, Glasgow, Mumbai, Vienna and Auckland. He has advised on metropolitan governance reform in London, Toronto, Barcelona, Auckland, Sao Paulo, Milan, and Oslo. He has led 20 Reviews of city and regional development for the OECD.

He regularly chairs summits and congresses on development issues and acts as a moderator for leadership forums and boards. He is currently moderator of the World Mayors Forum, The Moscow Urban Forum, The MIPIM Mayors Think Tank,The Asia Pacific Cities Summit.He has led more than 100 summits and events for JP Morgan, Grosvenor, ICSC, INREV, ANREV, IEDC, ULI, OECD, World Bank, UN, The FT, The EIB,MIPIM, LSE, Brookings Institution, and The EU Council.

He was previously Chairman of British BIDs (2010 to 2014), a Commissioner on the West End Commission (2012-2013) and Member of the Promote London Council (2009/2011). From 2008 to 1988 he held a range of senior roles including: Lead Advisor on City & Regional Development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK Government, Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, London Development Agency, Managing Director, Economic Development, at Greater London Enterprise, Chief Executive of the London Enterprise Agency, and International Programmes Director at the London Docklands Development Corporation.